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Sylvestrine Congregation of the Benedictine Order

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We the Sylvestro Benedictines in India have our humble beginning from the nearby island nation Sri Lanka. Monks of Indian origin left Sri Lanka in 1960 and settled down in Wayanad, Northern part of Kerala then the district of Kannur. Realizing the need of the hour and to spread Benedictine movement in Central Northern part of India a few monks in 1982 moved from tropical climate of Wayanad, South India to the semi-desert area in Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh in the then Guna-Shivpuri, a non-Christian District and settled down there. Generally this was the place of bandits and robbers where people could not travel from one town to another in the nights. Most of the people were poverty stricken due to lack of proper employment which was the result of illiteracy. To such people, we the Sylvestrine monks brought the Light of Christ (knowledge) through our very presence among them and various apostolic activities we undertake to this day. With the arrival of the monks, there followed three communities of different Religious Congregations of nuns. The monks helped them to build their convent buildings – houses. Subsequently two more Catholic schools and institutions managed by the nuns started in the locality. The Third Community of Nuns was Monks initiative (all the three communities) for the Apostolate in St. Benedict’s school. The Nuns also provide Medical care especially for farmers, downtrodden and marginalized section of the society.